Tomato slicer

This tomato slicer is tailored to the requirements of large-scale productions, e.g. community catering and fast-food establishments. Ideal for salads, hamburgers, and sandwiches. Also effective for cutting lemons, oranges, and kiwi fruit. Included: tomato corer, ref. N3076.

The only NF-certified tomato cutter on the market!

The Strengths

  • Easy to use. 4 suction cups and a stop preventing movement in use ensure good contact with the work surface
  • Horizontal cutting quality avoiding loss of juice: the serrated blades make it easy to cut even the ripest tomatoes
  • Hygiene: made from stainless steel, and dishwasher-safe. NF Hygiène Alimentaire (French Standards Food Hygiene) certified.
  • Total safety: 2 protective housings avoid access to blades, trolley safety catch, and carrying handle
  • Interchangeable blades
  • Standard thickness of cut: 5.5 mm (4-mm version available)