Sieve 3 parts

This 3-piece sieve is hygienic and easy to use. Mesh no. 25 (mesh size 0.9 mm) is a fine grid for icing sugar, flour, or cocoa. Mesh no. 20 (mesh size 1.1 mm) is a medium-sized grid for almond or hazelnut powder. Mesh no. 16 (mesh size 1.4 mm) is a large grid for filtering sauces, coulis, and jellies, as well as sieving purées or the preparations for foam dishes.

Sieve for life!

The Strengths

  • Stainless steel
  • Removable sieve with interchangeable cloths
  • Optimum mesh tension within the two parts of the sieve thanks to the fixing system
  • 3 meshes available: nos. 16, 20, and 25
  • Essential for pastry-making
  • Hygiene