Professional whisk

This professional whisk is light, balanced, and easy to use. It meets all hygiene and cleaning requirements. The ergonomic, watertight handle offers comfortable use and endurance. Durable: adapted to intensive use. *All those characteristics are covered by a patent application.

4 patents in a single whisk!

The Strengths

  • Unbreakable, untwistable wires in stainless steel. Highly resistant to pulling (tested to over 80 kg)
  • The curved* shape of the handle enables washing liquid to be passed and drained from between the wires.
  • Completely and totally watertight* (compliant with the hygiene requirements of the supervisory authorities). Handle fully over-moulded.
  • Microtactile insulating handle* that is pleasant to the touch. Suitable for contact with food.
  • Whisk-rest collar.
  • Octagonal* upward-splayed shape for maximum grip: anti-fatigue and anti-tightness.