Non-cutting edge can-opener

Opens round cans of all sizes by cutting the external seal: edges are neat, and there is no risk of cutting oneself. The can's cap can be used to protect its contents from dust and splashes (the cover no longer offers hermetically-sealed conservation). Its weight enables it to be stable on the tin and to ensure optimum guidance. The head design limits wearing parts as well as gaps where dirt may become lodged. Available with a clamp plate or a screw plate. Dishwasher-safe. Patented system. Made in France.

Say goodbye to sharp edges!

The Strengths

  • Safely opens cans of food: neat, blunt edges
  • The device is never in contact with the inside of the can
  • No filings
  • Hygiene, safety, and robustness
  • Patented system
  • Effortless