French-fry cutter

Home-made chips are returning to centre stage; everyone loves them. Potatoes must be peeled and prepared on site, then it is a question of offering pre-cooked chips or deep-frozen chips. In 1960, Jean Tellier (Louis Tellier's son) came up with a chip cutter to a new design; he exhibited it at the Paris Fair. The chip cutter was swiftly made in hundreds of thousands of units and went around the world. Tellier's invention was awarded a prize at the Stockholm International Design Competition, and took part in the worldwide success of the ""French-style chip"" as well as the business's worldwide reputation.

Just one press gives home-made chips!

The Strengths

  • All stainless-steel construction, polyamide slider
  • Production rate: 4-5 kg / minute
  • 7 interchangeable knives with no tools
  • Available on an anti-slip base, an HACCP base with suction cups, on a pedestal, in a wall-mounted version, and in a bolt-on version
  • Ergonomic handle: effortless increase in power