Electric can opener for institutional establishments

Professional electric can opener for community catering of between 300 and 800 covers: - Made from rustproof materials. For reasons of hardness, the wheel is made from tempered steel and treated against rust. - Two-speed motor protected by a Duralinox cover. - High-output geared motor. - All-metal reduction gear (metallic gearing mounted on ball bearings). - ""Motor - opening head"" unit with vertical movement assisted by a gas spring enabling effortless positioning depending on the height of the can to be opened. - Can-height adjustment stop. - Wearing parts (blade and wheel) can be replaced by non-qualified staff. - Tabletop device: stainless-steel base and 4 suction cups. Patented model. *Motor details: 230 V single-phase - 50 Hz / 60 Hz Rating: 75 W - Couple : 13 N/m Metallic pinion gear

For community catering of between 300 and 800 covers!

The Strengths

  • Opens all cylindrical or rectangular cans, even if dented to a height of between 5 and 27 cm.
  • Output: 40 to 80 5×1 cans at a time
  • "Clean opening: no filings inside the can. The same lever strikes and opens the can in a single movement."
  • Tool-free removal of the "opening head" for daily cleaning in a dishwasher and sterilisation.
  • High-output motor with low energy use*
  • Accessories: cover-retaining magnet.